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 My Introduction! - Mort Et Dabo

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Mort Et Dabo


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PostSubject: My Introduction! - Mort Et Dabo   Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:25 pm

Hey guys! My name's Joe, I'm 16-years old and I'm from Perth, Western Australia. I'm a huge gamer, I play Xbox LIVE, RuneScape, Private Servers and Steam. If I'm not on any of those I'll be chilling with friends or at school.

As for RuneScape in general, I've played it for about 5 years, I've played RuneScape Private Servers for 2 years. Personally I prefer the RuneScape Private Server community, people are generally nicer and somewhat maturer, in most cases players generally have a lot more knowledge of the game.

Here's a quick summary about me! ^-^

In-game name: Mort Et Dabo.
Real life name: Joe.
Age: 16-years old.
Favourite colour: Red.
Favourite food: Pizza.
Music I listen to: Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz.
Location: Perth, Western Australia.
Hobbies: Gaming, Programming, Friends, Movies.

Regardless, I hope to have fun on Rs-Lite and I think you have a good community so far, that's great! Razz

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My Introduction! - Mort Et Dabo
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