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 Graphic designing team.

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PostSubject: Graphic designing team.   Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:49 am

Ok, P R A Y just released the gfx artist position on forums ( thank you ) , and i was granted with head gfx artist!

How to become a Gfx artist?

If you want to become a gfx artist you dont have to do anything, accept post your gfx's you make, its simple as that, its my job as head of gfx to check the gfx section, and you you post nice and requent gfx's, you can easily make the team.

Every once a month or so, i will be doing a contest, in this contest i will give a topic, and you guys have to make a sig or any gfx about the topic, (MUST FOLLOW THE RULES), and the winner will receive a gfx artist position.

What's the role of a gfx artist?

The role of a gfx artist is only too keep the gfx section active, by posting gfx and replying on released gfx's.. report anygfx's to me ( wether inapropriate or just isnt a gfx at all ). And the biggest rile for a gfx artist, is to help people who are trying to become gfx artists... Tell them what to do, give them suggestions to make a gfx better, so then we can have more people join the gfx team.

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Graphic designing team.
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