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 I apoligize -=- I Red -=-

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I Red

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PostSubject: I apoligize -=- I Red -=-   Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:10 pm

I am sorry for when i 1st started sever i drop traded beginner's coins til i had 500m

i am sorry that i looted a p ring from " its me mofos "

i am sorry that i killed walker with p ring when he tried to kill e while i was killing red dragon - killin red dragons not with p ring and i went to bank to get p ring an quickly came back to k0 him 4 his staff of light and ags- that was only time i used it. i made everything else on dice sucks you resarted me maxwell i got every level and everything without p ring

i am sorry i swore at other player's 3 times but only saying smd and shit nothing serious.

i am sorry i bugged walker for dicen my 3.2b and hi only given me 5.4b back witch i rely should got more back but im sorry i guess.

i am sorry i used ::help button 2 times in a row.

im greatly sorry for everything bad i have done and i plan on not breaking anymore rules but to now enforce them and try my hardest to get mod position
witch i have aplied for and am told by chris " love your staff app lol "

i hope you will all see me now as a better person and not just some shit disterber lol Razz.

p.s i love this sever an if vps get's fixed i plan to donate as well

sincerely your favorite player -=- I Red -=- lol!
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I apoligize -=- I Red -=-
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